BodiBalance – The Ultimate Think Drink

BodiBalance is a functional nutrition line designed to help minimize the negative effects of today’s hectic, stressful, chaotic lifestyle while enhancing the body’s ability to function at an optimal level.

BodiBalance products are carefully formulated to support the return to a healthy and vibrant natural rhythm. With a focus on multi-faceted, multi-function products, BodiBalance is designed to help bring balance to your body and mind the way nature intended – functioning well and feeling great.

Because each cell in the body needs balance to effectively absorb nutrients and expel toxins, BodiBalance uses whole life nutrients to support the biological rhythms that control these cellular interchanges. Rich in micro-nutrients like catechins, gamma oryzanol and beta sitosterol, the ingredients in BodiBalance products support cellular communication and the impulses that make up the body’s natural biological rhythms.

We all know our lives are complicated, rushed, and filled to the brim. We’ve become multi-tasking jugglers performing superhuman duties in a 24-hour world that rarely finds us unplugged. To thrive in this always on-the-go, seldom stress-free world, the body needs support to combat the imbalances this world can create. BodiBalance is the solution to smoothly handling our stressful lives!

As the BodiBalance core products, Lights Off and Lights On were formulated to work together – as a 24/7 solution to our 24/7 hectic lifestyles. While each is a stand-alone product, the magic is in the synergy created by using both products to enhance the body’s ability to reset your body’s natural rhythm. Every single ingredient was specifically selected to achieve a particular result. For instance, Lights On contains a potent Vitamin B profile that saturates the body during the day and is further utilized at night in combination with the ingredients in Lights Off. These formulations are nothing short of brilliant and, together, this BodiBalance duo is unbeatable in its ability to help your body reset its natural balance!

LIGHTS ON Work & Play Formula
With an amazing ingredient profile, Lights On gives you the focus and concentration to allow both your mind and body to perform at optimal levels. During the day, your body needs nutrients to fuel every aspect of performance: exercise physiology, sport recovery, mental clarity and overall health. BodiBalance ingredient blends are specifically designed to support each of these key metabolic processes. While Lights On does provide physical energy, high-quality nutrients, vitamins, and outstanding healthful botanicals, its ingredients are primarily focused on mental acuity, clarity and concentration.

LIGHTS OFF Relax & Rest Formula
Your day truly begins the night before, so start with Lights Off each night to set the stage for your best days. During sleep, your body naturally regenerates and repairs itself, so how you feel in the morning depends largely on the rest you get at night. With Lights Off, you’ll experience exceptional relaxation, be able to shed the stress of the day and fully decompress. While BodiBalance Lights Off does not induce sleep, it is the only known product to offer the extensive array of leading-edge ingredients for relaxation and stress release to allow you to more easily drift off to a deep, restorative sleep, and wake refreshed and rejuvenated.

Aging is not an ugly word 

Aging is, after all, the ultimate goal in life. Like the world’s finest wines, we get better with age. We gain perspective and wisdom. We learn to nurture our most desired virtues and cherish the beauty of life. We become more magnificent with every passing year — and we realize that aging is truly a thing of beauty!

So, we don’t focus on “anti-aging.” Instead, we focus on aging beautifully. On being the best we can be at any age – at every age. On living confident, magnificent lives year after year. We focus on getting the absolute most out of every moment of our lives – our NOW – while creating the future of our dreams – our FOREVER.

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