Sorry, this entry is only available in HongKong and 中文.

Sorry, this entry is only available in HongKong and 中文.

3rd Sinology Spring Festival Gala 2019

• Youth Sinology Education Base of CHINA Against Corruption Law Association
• China Education Television CETV-1

Hong Kong Division Selection Office:
• Hong Kong Music and Performing School


Introduction to the 3rd Sinology Spring Festival Gala

Youth Sinology Education Base
It is composed by CHINA Against Corruption Law Association, China cares for the next generation working committee Education Centre and University of International Business and Economics.

• CHINA Against Corruption Law Association, CACLA
It is composed of Central Discipline Commission, Central Political and Legal Affairs Commission, Supreme People’s Court, Supreme People’s Procuratorate, Ministry of Supervision and other units and many experts. It is an important institution specializing in the study of the legal system of clean government, legal publicity and education, and the construction of a clean government culture.

• China Cares for the Next Generation Working Committee
The educational center is authoritative institutions specializing in extracurricular education for teenagers and strengthening the ideological and moral construction of minors. They have made remarkable achievements in caring for the comprehensive development and growth of teenagers.

• University of International Business and Economics 
A multi-disciplinary and national key university with economics, management, law, literature and science as its core academic areas of expertise directly under the Ministry of Education.

The National Sinology Spring Festival Gala is called “guoxuechunwan” for short, the China’s most authoritative Sinology Spring Festival Gala presented by the Youth Sinology Education Base of the CHINA Against Corruption Law Association. It is the annual grand festival of the national Chinese Sinology educational circles, and the vane for the inheritance and development of Sinology Education. The 3rd Sinology Spring Festival Gala – “DANCING THROUGHOUT CHINA” will continue to uphold the advantages of the previous two Spring Festival Galas of Sinology, with the aid of more updated high-technology means, to deeply penetrate the excellent traditional Chinese culture into the hearts of young people. The 3rd Sinology Spring Festival Gala will cooperate with the China Education Television CETV-1 and broadcast at 8pm on the first day of the Chinese Lunar New Year February 5, 2019.

Application Form and Guide may be downloaded at the Hong Kong Division Selection Office
Hong Kong Music and Performing School official website:


Sorry, this entry is only available in HongKong and 中文.

Contemporary expressionism, soul ink painting splash-color and oil painting splash-color artist Wu Niangu  

Wu Niangu, Graciously named Caiweng, self-titled Anlehou, his study named Jingxinzhai. Chinese National-level artist. Professional artist. The world’s 100 influential Chinese craft artists. Wu Niangu was born in 1973, and hails from Hanzeng, Jiangyou, Mianyang City, Sichuan Province. He is a native of Wujia Lion Mountain, Anju District, Suining City, Sichuan Province, and is originally a native of Prefecture of Sinan in Guizhou.

Wu Niangu learned skills form the master from an early age. Edified by the traditional arts, he built a foundation for the studies of Chinese ancient civilization and poetry, traced known works and studied ancient techniques. He learned Chinese paintings, fresco restoration of the ancient temple roads and carving techniques of clay sculpture Buddha from the masters. He is an expert in the painting and carving techniques of the clay sculpture immortals in Buddhism and Taoism. When he was young, he became attached to Buddhism, Taoism and Confucianism. He visited masters and friends over mountains and rivers to worship in the temple and comprehend the doctrines. Not only skilled in studying the techniques of masters, he also learned the thinking methods from the predecessors. His works has conducted in-depth art exploration mainly in the form of ink painting and oil painting splash-color to this day.

In 2017, the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China was held. ASIAWEEK magazine was designated as one of the conference’s on-site reception periodicals. The September issue of ASIAWEEK with Wu Niangu on its cover was honored to be present at the 19th National Conference.

From December 2017 to February 2018, Wu Niangu was invited by the Universal Chinese Association in the USA to participate in the Miami International Chinese Culture and Arts Festival in the USA. The Miami International Chinese Culture and Arts Festival selected 100 works from the works of 1000 Chinese crafts and artisan masters across the world as “The world’s 100 influential Chinese craft artists “. Three works of Wu Niangu were on the list. After the exhibition, the three works were collected by the U.S. Universal Culture Collection Museum and exhibited in the United States in the long term. At the same time, the three works and Wu Niangu’s profile were published on the world-renowned media U.S. magazine “Universal Chinese”. The magazine is distributed to 46 countries around the world and collected by over 300 prestigious public picture galleries, such as China’s Peking University, Shanghai Jiaotong University, Asia’s third largest library, the Nanjing Library, and so on.


在生命荒野中,書畫正如一隅綠洲,讓厭倦世間枯燥乏味的人生旅人,能夠相聚於此,一飲藝術鑑賞的活水。吳年穀的潑彩禪畫色彩違反常規基調,聲響擾亂周遭律動,姿勢有礙感官和諧,言語破壞物我合一;  不破不立,大破大立。出人意料的是,人們常常可以探索到隱身於畫面背後,更精緻微妙的玄理。



畫曰: “非畫也,真道也。當其有事,已遣去機巧,意冥玄化,而物在靈府,不在耳目。” 此中所言,實係禪家工夫,作畫時,拾紙提筆,濃淡水墨重彩與潑彩上手,似胸中早有成稿,運筆猶如神助,漸成作品,嘆為觀止。





禪畫作品 : 禪 


禪畫作品 : 坐禪 


禪畫作品 : 金剛經


Wu Niangu Chronology

• Graciously named Caiweng, self-titled Anlehou, his study named Jingxinzhai.
• Contemporary expressionism, soul ink painting splash-color artist, and oil painting splash-color artist.
• The world’s 100 influential Chinese craft artists.
• In 2013: Wu Niangu was interviewed by Boss Magazine and Tibet Aviation Magazine.
• In 2015: Wu Niangu was invited to participate in the Nepal Tibetan Tantra Thangka Art Exhibition.
• In 2016: Wu Niangu was rated as the National-level Artist by the Ministry of Culture.
• In 2016, Wu Niangu was elected as the personage of Jiangyou City (County) Records in Sichuan Province, and ranked 21st in the Records of Jiangyou City (County), in which poet Li Bai in the Tang Dynasty, and modern Strait – Hong Kong.
• In 2017: Wu Niangu was invited to participate in the International Art Exhibition and the International Non-Legacy Culture and Arts Festival.
• In 2017: Wu Niangu was honored to be featured on the cover of the ASIAWEEK magazine and became the Asian news figure.
• In 2017: The September issue of the ASIAWEEK magazine with Wu Niangu on its cover was designated as one of the on-site reception periodicals of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China.
• In 2017: Wu Niangu was featured on the cover of the Manager Journal magazine.
• In 2017: Chinese Network of France reported on Wu Niangu.
• In 2018: In January, Wu Niangu was invited by CCTV’s program “The Road to Success” to participate the selection of the “Times Model 15th Chinese Public Welfare Figure” and Wu Niangu was rated as “China’s 15th Ambassador of Public Welfare – Artist Representative”.
• In 2018: In May, Wu Niangu was invited by Shanghai Music Republic & Fashion Art Invitational Exhibition of Shanghai Style Masters.

Contemporary Expressionism, Soul Ink Painting Splash-Color and Oil Painting Splash-Color Artist
Wu Niangu Global Official Site

For inquiries and orders of artists’ works,
please contact the VWLuxury Culture&Art Department
Whatsapp | WeChat Hotline: (852) 95824389


Cui Ximin was born in Beijing in 1963. He was fond of painting since childhood and entered into the painting class of Beijing Youth Palace for study when he was six and half years old, and received the guidance of many famous masters. In recent years, his works are mainly flowers and birds, and has been collected by Zhongnanhai, Great Hall of the People, the Palace Museum, Chairman Mao Memorial Hall, Red Cross Society of China, China Association of Poverty Alleviation,China Charity Federation, Museum of the War of Peoples Resistance Against Japanese Aggression, Capital Library of China, Jingfeng Hotel, University of California, American International Times, political VIPs of Burma, South Korea and Japan and foreign friends and people from all walks of life. Now Cui Ximin is council member of China Painting Calligrapher Association; academician of China Calligraphy and Painting Art Institute for Research; vice president and secretary general of Beijing Creation Academy of Chinese Calligraphy and Painting Research Institute and member of Beijing Artists Association. As the “city card” of Beijing, Cui Ximin is making outstanding contributions to promoting Chinese traditional culture. At the World Tourism Cities Federation established in Beijing in September 2012, Cui Ximin’s traditional Chinese realistic paintings were assigned as Chinese painting gifts and presented to the UN officials and mayors of the cities participating in Beijing Xiangshan Summit; in March 2014 Cui Ximin was invited to “2014 China Culture Week” held in America, during which Cui Ximin’s individual works were specially exhibited and won the top prize “Mountain Bear”. In March 2014, Cui Ximin participated in the 1st 100 China Artists Association Chairman Masterwork Exhibition sponsored by Shenzhen Entrepreneur Association and Shenzhen Enterprise Confederation and held in the art gallery of Shenzhen University. Cui Ximin’s four screens of flowers and bird won consistent praise.


• 作品《香雲》入選2002年迎奧運全國中國畫大展
• 作品《秋韻》入選中國美協主辦的2003年國際雙年展序列展“海潮杯”中國畫大展
• 2003年《水墨新世界》首都知名畫家10人展
• 2003年參加《紀念紅十字會100周年》大型畫展作品《一藍春色》被中國紅十字會收藏
• 作品《秋歌》入選中國美協主辦的2004年《菜鄉情》中國畫提名展獲提名獎
• 作品《醉秋》入選中國美協主辦的《太湖情》中國畫提名展獲提名獎
• 作品《淡妝高韻》入選中國美協主辦的《長江頌》中國畫提名展獲提名獎
• 作品《柱頂紅》榮獲第三届中國農民書畫大展暨千兆杯書畫大賽優秀獎
• 作品《笑對冰天》榮獲首届“盛世中華”全國書法、美術作品大展一等獎
• 2006年參加中國殘聯及全國政協主辦的《牽手同心迎特奧》大型畫展
• 2006年榮獲“國際華人”書畫百傑
• 2006年應邀到新加坡及馬來西亞參加《中國書畫名家展》
• 作品《清韻》參加中國美協舉辦的《2007年中國畫展》
• 參加中國美協舉辦的《草原情》中國畫提展獲提名獎
• 參加中國美協舉辦的《第二届齊白石國際文化藝術節》中國畫提名展獲優秀獎
• 2007年隨中國文聯代表團到韓國參加《中國書畫名家精品展》
• 2007年九月在中央美術學院美術館與崔澤培舉辦《崔澤培、崔西民畫展》
• 2007年參加《世界華人藝術家迎奧運暨倒計時一周年書畫展》
• 2008年5月在愛家收藏世界舉辦的《人文奧運首都著名畫家七人畫展》
• 2008年5月在北京電視臺BTV-3《藝術北京》播出的專題片《崔西民花鳥畫選》
• 2008年5月在中國網絡電視臺《翰墨人生》做著名畫家專訪
• 2008年6月在首都博物館舉辦《崔西民畫展》
• 2008年3月15日慶祝內蒙古自治區成立60周年,首届《星安杯》全國書畫大獎中榮獲銀獎
• 2008年3月15日慶祝內蒙古自治區成立60周年,首届《星安杯》全國書畫大獎中作品永久收藏
• 2008年6月15日中國電影美術協會主辦大展中國畫作品入選2008年中國影視名人迎奧運書畫大展組委會永久收藏
• 2008年8月1日由北京華夏藝術學院,《中外藝術》雜誌及豐台美協主辦的畫展中獲中國人民武裝員警部隊,北京總隊文化藝術事業貢獻獎
• 2008年8月8日獲世界華人慶奧運名家書畫大展入選作品
• 2008年8月8日獲中華民族藝術珍品珍品文化節奧林匹克之旅捐贈證書
• 2008年9月17日獲接待北京第29届奧林匹克運動會嘉賓獎禮品
• 2008年12月1日花鳥作品獲得隆重紀念改革開放30周年,全國名人名家書畫邀請大展金獎
• 作品曾先後在《中國書畫報》、《書畫產業報》、《中國花卉報》、《人民日報》、《北京日報》、《羲之畫報》、《北京晚報》、《北京工人報》、《美術之友》、《翰墨典藏》、《國畫經典》、《畫壇名家》、《北京旅遊》等報刊雜誌發表


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1966年,生於陝西省華陰縣一個四代傳承繪畫的家庭。他的父親有幸做了國畫大師何海霞的門徒。 他自小隨父學藝,精通人物、山水、花鳥畫,畫風清新俊逸,獨具風格。他還是一比特著名的陶藝家,1984年11月,入職陝西省銅川市莊裡陶瓷廠,從事陶瓷彩繪工作。1999年12月任職陝西富平陶藝村陶藝工藝師,創作了一批轟動國內外陶藝界,反映西北風情的陶藝人物作品。他的作品“秦腔票友”、“回娘家”、“祈雨”、“打猪草”、“哭靈”、“下棋”、“喝酒”等系列民俗陶藝作品,被富樂國際陶藝博物館長期收藏,作品中流露著楊曉光對生活的感悟和他的自身藝術素養,成為國際陶藝博物館的一大亮點,曾經得到國際陶藝協會主席珍妮特•曼斯費爾德的親切接見。當代陶藝作品“容的變格”入選首届國際當代陶藝青年新秀展。陶藝作品“打猪草”、“盲伴”入選西安、景德鎮、寧波三地陶藝家作品聯展。2007年9月任職唯美集團高級工藝師、藝術總監助理,他把濃濃西北風土人情融入到嶺南文化中,感染了諸多觀眾。創作的陶藝系列為室內空間融入了藝術氣息。

2008年7月4日,國家副主席習近平衕誌在參觀唯美陶瓷博物館時,楊曉光負責作現場陶瓷創作演示,習副主席看到眼前栩栩如生的人物造型,高度讚揚了楊曉光的藝術成就,被傳為一段佳話。2009年創立了“楊曉光墨刻裝飾畫”。這一創新,為唯美集團,馬可波羅文化磚注入了新的血液,雕刻與水墨畫完美的結合,給市場帶來了新的契機。著名雜誌《中國陶瓷藝術版》專門為此寫了一篇文章,文章中這樣稱讚他的墨刻藝術:“利刃在土坯上劃過崩裂的痕迹,水墨浸透出詩一般的畫面,金石殘痕伴隨著潤若細雨,就像音樂曲譜一樣婉轉起伏、耐人尋味!這就是楊曉光墨刻裝飾畫,它是傳統與現代美術的融匯,陶藝思維凑成多變的肌理,於版畫中感悟立體空間,蒼與潤構成了濃郁中國文人水墨畫風,在黑、白、灰的色調中引領永恒的時尚。”他的作品“九鯉圖”、 “清溪圖”、“嶺南春曉”、“山高水長”、“松山湖之晨”、“秋山訪友”等,得到社會各界人士一致好評,其作品多次被市政府部門作為國禮送往日本、韓國等國。曾經為深圳機場貴賓招待所、高埗鎮政府、道滘鎮政府、江西省吉安市政府、甘肅平凉大酒店、華南理工大學創作過巨幅墨刻壁畫。中國建築陶瓷博物館,清遠分館,江西分館都收藏楊曉光大量的精品墨刻畫。如今由楊曉光研發的墨刻藝術品被廣泛用於電視背景牆、巨型壁畫、大廳裝潢等,作品遍佈全國各大城市,十分暢銷,使藝術大眾化,墨刻藝術走進了千家萬家,同時給現代家庭裝飾注入了深厚的文化內涵。2009年1月19日,李鐵映前往唯美集團觀看墨刻畫並與楊曉光親切交流。小型墨刻畫“虎門大橋”,“可園”,“嶺南春曉”被鎮政府作為國禮送往日本、韓國、新加坡等國。2012年6月12日中國建陶博物館“楊曉光工作室”成立,工作室包括設計創作陶藝作品、陶壁牆、墨刻裝飾畫。2007年9月,唯美集團董事長黃建平親自邀請楊曉光加入唯美集團,擔任唯美陶瓷博物館高級工藝美術師兼藝術總監助理,從此,他把濃濃西北風土人情融入到嶺南文化中,“陝西八大怪”,“七姑八姨”感染了諸多觀眾,“制陶人物系列”用藝術的語言,反映了陶文化的深遠而深受歡迎,其創作的“村長系列”,獲廣東省第三届民間工藝精品展銅獎。他又不斷突破探索,將陶藝與建築相融合,開創出新的建築裝飾資料——陶壁牆,創作陶壁牆 “秦風漢韻”,獲首届世界建築瓷磚設計大獎賽“優秀入圍獎”。2008年7月4日,國家副主席習近平衕誌在參觀唯美陶瓷博物館時,楊曉光負責作現場陶瓷創作演示,習副主席看到眼前栩栩如生的人物造型,高度讚揚了楊曉光的藝術成就,被傳為一段佳話。

楊曉光被公認是能在藝術個性與市場兩者間,找到最佳平衡點的藝術家。繼陶壁牆後,他開始嘗試在陶板上創作一種包含了水墨畫、版畫和陶藝等諸多元素相結合的藝術創作形式。2009年墨刻藝術在他的手中誕生了。著名雜誌《中國陶瓷藝術版》專門為此寫了一篇文章,文章中這樣稱讚他的墨刻藝術:“利刃在土坯上劃過崩裂的痕迹,水墨浸透出詩一般的畫面,金石殘痕伴隨著潤若細雨,就像音樂曲譜一樣婉轉起伏、耐人尋味!這就是楊曉光墨刻裝飾畫,它是傳統與現代美術的融匯,陶藝思維凑成多變的肌理,於版畫中感悟立體空間,蒼與潤構成了濃郁中國文人水墨畫風,在黑、白、灰的色調中引領永恒的時尚。”他的作品“九鯉圖”、“清溪圖”、“嶺南春曉”、“山高水長”、“松山湖之晨”、 “秋山訪友”等,得到社會各界人士一致好評,其作品多次被市政府部門作為國禮送往日本、韓國等國。曾經為深圳機場貴賓招待所、高埗鎮政府、道滘鎮政府、江西省吉安市政府、甘肅平凉大酒店、華南理工大學創作過巨幅墨刻壁畫。中國建築陶瓷博物館,清遠分館,江西分館都收藏楊曉光大量的精品墨刻畫。如今由楊曉光研發的墨刻藝術品被廣泛用於電視背景牆、巨型壁畫、大廳裝潢等,作品遍佈全國各大城市,十分暢銷,使藝術大眾化,墨刻藝術走進了千家萬家,同時給現代家庭裝飾注入了深厚的文化內涵。經唯美集團董事長黃建平介紹楊曉光陶板墨刻畫,李鐵映衕誌聽後,非常感興趣,李鐵映衕誌來到唯美便直奔馬可波羅手工磚展廳,對楊曉光的墨刻作品駐足流連,表示讚賞。並與其深入地探討了墨刻技法。可以說在唯美集團楊曉光已是一個很有名氣的大師,但他一點都沒有大師的架子,他在自己的陶藝工作室免費為學徒教授陶藝知識;成立墨刻組後,他經常下車間親自操刀作畫。他還是廣東省科普教育基地的志願者,曾擔任過石龍中心小學、台商子弟小學、東聯小學的陶藝輔導老師,經他輔導過的師生作品曾獲得了廣東省中小學師生陶藝大賽一、二等獎,有很多東莞知名中小學校的老師慕名而來,向他學習陶藝。可以說,他為東莞市中小學生陶藝教育事業,作出了非常大的貢獻,而他勇於創新、樂於奉獻的寶貴精神也是我們學習的好榜樣。




墨刻畫 (手刻陶瓷畫) 是將雕刻、陶藝的理念融入水墨畫、版畫、裝飾畫等元素而形成的一種獨特的藝術。把刀刻技法理解成肌理現象,結合畫面又把肌理現象用墨色裝潢,是畫面既有雕刻的立體效果,又有中國畫的水墨畫韻。



1. 墨刻作品;秋山訪友 (600mm x 600mm) x3山嵐疊嶂,木葉蕭蕭,曲徑通幽處,一賢達攜童子前往山林深處,拜訪故友,他們聆聽天籟,觀望鱗波,陶醉於大自然的美景。

2. 墨刻作品;齊白石蝦 (600mm x 600mm) x3墨刻的方法表現出了墨的韻味,殼的質感,將嬉戲靈動的蝦,表現得遊刃有餘。

3. 墨刻作品;仿張大千仿古山水畫 (600mm x 600mm) x2用墨刻技法表現清墨淡嵐的沒骨畫法,彰顯張大千清新俊逸之俊美畫風。

4. 墨刻作品;富春山居圖 (600mm x 600mm) x4靈活的墨刻刀法,以最大限度的表現名畫線條的張力,和華潤的墨色,來靠近山水畫巔峰之作。

5. 陶藝;村長系列還原焰,貝燒1180度,作品高70cm,通過“土改”,“文革”,“改革開放”三個時期的村幹部面貌,史詩般的反應了中國解放以來的輝煌歷程。

6. 陶藝;陝西八大怪還原焰1180度極富張力的泥板和及其嫺熟的手法,演繹出濃濃的西北風情,生活中平凡樸實的人們卻蘊藏著極强的藝術感染力。

7. 陶藝;祈雨還原焰,1180度,高60cm,快看,天空出現烏雲了,這次會下雨嗎?不要再繼續乾旱了,不要再讓我們失望了,老天開恩,颳風吧,打雷吧,下雨吧。

8. 陶藝;老火湯還原焰1180度高50cm記不得,這老火湯要文火慢煲,砂鍋裡面的藥材和肉慢慢滲到湯裏,煲出的湯,味道才够香,才够濃,這是廣東人的最愛,也是廣東人的智慧。

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