In 2017, AU YEUNG Wing Kam began the field of internet e-commerce. VWOnlineLuxury is an Internet e-commerce S2b2c company, the world’s first online shopping and media platform that specializes in high-end art music, vogue, health & wellness. V is very valuable, W is spiritual wealth and LUXURY is a life attitude, beauty and intelligence, she has a strong natural miracle creation ability. VW is a dream maker, with an enthusiasm for strong artistic personality, expresses a truly contemporary aesthetic, realize classical music artist implementing new ideas to create value.

• AU YEUNG Wing Kam was born into a family of grass-roots in Hong Kong, China.

• AU YEUNG has established herself as an all-rounded Music Pedagogue, Piano Pedagogue, Pianist, Music Writer, Music Thinker and Music Innovator.

• She fell in love with piano since she was three years old and started learning the piano when she was nine years old. She made her debut at the age of sixteen. As a recipient of the Principle of Helen Woo Foundation Scholarships, Au-Yeung began her formal musical training in her early years and received four years of professional training in piano performance. Later she graduated from The Chinese University of Hong Kong with a Bachelor of Arts (Hon) in Music and was also awarded a Performer’s Certificate and a Performer’s Diploma in Pianoforte from the Trinity College of Music, London.

• A versatile musician, AU YEUNG Wing Kam gives masterclasses, solo performances and performs as a piano accompanist for singers and instrumentalists. In 1998 she performed the world premiere of a series of piano works for four hands by several prominent Hong Kong composers. In 2009, she was invited to perform in a concert organized by the Music Department, The Chinese University of Hong Kong. Over the years she has also assume various roles in musical education. In addition to being a piano instructor, she has taught Western Music Theory and Western Music Appreciation courses at The Chinese University of Hong Kong’s School of Continuing and Professional Studies. She was previously a choir instructor of the Hong Kong Children’s Choir, and served as a piano accompanist and instructor in general musicianship, theory and aural-training at the Hong Kong SAR’s Music Office.

• From 2002 to 2007, AU YEUNG wrote the following teaching materials: “Notes to Music Theory” Based on the Syllabus of Grade 5 Theory Examination and “Notes to Aural Training” Based on the Syllabus of Grade 1 to Grade 8 Aural Tests for Practical Examination. All are published by the Hong Kong Music and Performing School. Net proceeds will be donated to the Hong Kong Music and Performing Foundation for charitable purpose, to enhance and publicize the education of music and arts for the future generations.

• In 2008, AU YEUNG established the Hong Kong Music and Performing School. The Hong Kong Music and Performing School is a non-profit charitable organization, established since 2008 and has developed become a world-class international performing arts organization. The Hong Kong Music and Performing School is not just a world-class music and performing arts academic institution, it is also with traditional and modern spirit of Chinese cultural innovation and aristocratic spirit music art institute and cultural destination. The school founding artists composed by French pianist Vincent Larderet, Chinese cellist Chu Yi-Bing, German violinist Nicolas Koeckert and Italian conductor Giuseppe Cataldo, four distinguished world-class international performing artists and music authoritative professors. The Hong Kong Music and Performing School is a non-partisan, non-political, inspiration from the unity, ecology, non-violent music performing arts school, understand that we are an important part of education and culture. The highest goal of the academy is to become one of the world’s leading performing arts schools and leading music art development institutes, to cultivate the next generation with world vision, have both talent and virtue high-end performing artists and music and art education professionals of the 21st century.

• In 2008, AU YEUNG also founded the Hong Kong Music and Performing Association, and the Hong Kong Music and Performing Foundation. All these establishments become a charitable organization under section 88 of Inland Revenue Ordinance in 2009.

• In 2011 and 2014 respectively, under the umbrella of HKMPS, AU YEUNG successfully launched the first Hong Kong International Summer Music Camp at the Chinese University of Hong Kong and the HKMPS Artist-Faculty Premiere Concert, “Vincent Larderet HK Debut x Charity Fundraising Concert for the HKMPS plus World premiere concerts for the release of the new ARS Produktion Ravel Orchestra & Virtuoso Piano” at Hong Kong Cultural Centre Concert Hall.

• In 2016, AU YEUNG founded the Beijing Hong Kong Music and Performing Management and as the chairman of the board and the Artistic Planning Director. To celebrate the 20th Anniversary of the Establishment of the HKSAR, the 53rd Anniversary of Sino-French Diplomatic Relations and efforts to promote Xi Jinping’s “The Belt and Road”, the first artistic brand planning project was the world-class international Cultural Arts Feast “The Belt and Road” Le French May Incomparable Music with Vincent Larderet. This concert series includes Vincent Larderet Piano Recital and Hong Kong Music and Performing School Faculty Artist Chamber Concert.

• AU YEUNG Wing Kam is now a Founder, Artistic Planning Director of the Jinggang Culture and Art Communication, Founding Chairman of the International Entrepreneurs Alliance of DNA. Au-Yeung’s next goal is to become the most valuable Chinese classical music entrepreneur.

《We Are • HKMPS》 
A world-class international music and performing arts academic institution and cultural destination
Please contact us if you want to invest in music art and culture or donate to our School Construction Project, nurturing the next generation of music artists. 

Engaging in classical music is sometimes regarded as a luxury. On the contrary, I believe that classical music makes our hearts richer: it touches souls and moves people in positive ways. Its value and its history throughout the world simply cannot be measured. I strongly feel that every individual should have access to this wonderful heritage and the possibility to meet classical music at some times in their lives. Classical music is also a universal language, one that goes beyond barriers. It’s a great channel for uniting all people and for creating world peace.

My music dream started at the age of three. I’m not a musical genius, but perhaps more importantly imbued with a hard-working ethic and a desire for excellence. I’m ready to bring my music to new heights in the community. I hope my dream can also motivate others to pursue the joys of classical music.

2014 is the year of the magical horse – the one that has supernatural powers, is heroic, strong, and can even fly! The horse years promises to bring us all good fortune and good luck. The year of the horse is also the year of HKMPS. I hope that through the work of HKMPS I can share my good fortune and happiness with you all.

Never give up when you reach the finish line!!


Founding Dean
Hong Kong Music and Performing School

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