Classical Music to Create World Peace

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Engaging in classical music is sometimes regarded as a luxury. On the contrary, I believe that classical music makes our hearts richer: it touches souls and moves people in positive ways. Its value and its history throughout the world simply cannot be measured. I strongly feel that every individual should have access to this wonderful heritage and the possibility to meet classical music at some times in their lives. Classical music is also a universal language, one that goes beyond barriers. It’s a great channel for uniting all people and for creating world peace.

My music dream started at the age of three. I’m not a musical genius, but perhaps more importantly imbued with a hard-working ethic and a desire for excellence. I’m ready to bring my music to new heights in the community. I hope my dream can also motivate others to pursue the joys of classical music.

2014 is the year of the magical horse – the one that has supernatural powers, is heroic, strong, and can even fly! The horse years promises to bring us all good fortune and good luck. The year of the horse is also the year of HKMPS. I hope that through the work of HKMPS I can share my good fortune and happiness with you all.

Never give up when you reach the finish line!!


Founding Dean
Hong Kong Music and Performing School